Asset Monetization Group Partners With Skyhook Capital To Distribute Digital Securities That Give Investors Direct Ownership Of Precious And Industrial Metals From When They Are Certified As A Proven Reserve.

Skyhook Capital Pte Ltd (Skyhook), the Singapore headquartered fintech company focusing on the distribution of investment-grade digital assets to institutional and retail investors, has entered into a strategic partnership with Asset Monetization Group (AMG), the originator of a new approach to fractional investment in tangible metal assets and other commodities.  Under the partnership Skyhook will incorporate AMG’s investment products into the digital product shelf within the Skyhook DAWN™ platform.

Asset Monetization Group (AMG) headquartered in London and Dubai provide a financial technology platform, developed with support from Artos Systems, that enables investors the ability to make fractional investments in tangible metal assets. Issued as both conventional and digital securities, the uniquely structured offering gives investors direct ownership of an in-ground certified proven reserve. The digital securities can be traded at all stages from development to final inventory.  Investors benefit from purchasing metal at a discount to the spot market while mining companies benefit from leveraging part of their proven reserves.

Skyhook’s “Digital Assets Wealth Network” or Skyhook DAWN™, offers a single e-wealth platform to manage portfolios comprising of conventional and digital securities. Skyhook DAWN™ delivers the full range of trade lifecycle services for seamless access to a wide choice of investment options sourced from a network of issuers and liquidity providers. Skyhook DAWN™ gives wealth service providers the ability to offer investment strategies incorporating the latest investment innovations issued over the leading blockchain protocols for securitization.

Lawrence Grinceri, CEO of Skyhook Capital said: “We are excited to include AMG in our network of issuers.  Offering investors the ability to secure physical ownership of precious and industrial metals at the pre-production stage of the asset lifecycle will greatly improve the efficiency for mining operators to raise capital for miners and in turn deliver greater returns. We believe AMG offers the type of innovative investment product our expanding network of wealth service providers using Skyhook DAWN™ want to offer their investors.”

Colin Bannerman, CEO of Asset Monetization Group said: “The Skyhook DAWN™ platform opens the opportunity for investors across the Asia Pacific to purchase pre-production metals at an attractive price discount to the spot market. The purchase of metal provides investors a new category of portfolio investment, reflecting industrial demand or securing a store of precious metal wealth”.

Digital Securities are projected to grow in value to over $24 trillion in the coming decade according to the World Economic Forum. The mining industry generated $692 billion in revenue across the metal sector globally in 2019. With gold delivering a 30% return over the last 2 years and other metals such as palladium and silver showing strong growth, it is anticipated investors will continue to allocate a greater portion of the portfolio to physical metal investments.

About Skyhook Capital

Skyhook Capital Pte. Ltd. has launched the first marketplace for digital assets with full integration into conventional investment product distribution networks. Skyhook’s Digital Assets Wealth Network (Skyhook DAWN™) provides a single connection point on the cloud for conventional e-wealth and digital banking channels to access digital securities and services over distributed ledger technology. As a gateway for digital securities distribution and management, Skyhook DAWN™ incorporates a proven architecture with a universal API to support business integration into multiple distribution channels and the solution components to source, transact and settle digital and conventional securities. For more information, please visit:

About Asset Monetization Group Ltd.

Asset Monetization Group Ltd. (AMG) provides a blockchain based platform and proprietary funding solution for commodity owners and investors.  AMG provides structure and governance over the processes from initiation to settlement.  The platform secures a collection of key data and information on commodity assets and security information. All AMG activities are governed under English Law and adhere to standards for the provision of securities and services in support of the digital asset creation and distribution to investors. For more information, please visit: