We solve the supply chain dilemma
for digital investment products

Seamless transacting of digital assets and securities from origination to distribution
direct to investors or through established wealth channels

Take full advantage of digital distribution

Promote your digital assets and securities to a global network of distributors
along with the infrastructure to deliver full product life cycle services

Deploy an infrastructure to capitalize on change

A nimble, scalable and secure cloud-based infrastructure
with all essential components integrated under a common framework,
readily available to grow and evolve your business

The Supply Chain Dilemma

Digital securities and Blockchain/DLT infrastructures operate separately from the existing solutions infrastructure used by wealth institutions to manage conventional investor portfolios. This technical silo has been the barrier to business integration of digital securities into multi trillion dollar global wealth and asset management industry.

Digital Assets

The Digital Assets Wealth Network 

A single infrastructure standardising connectivity for wealth management firms and their
Investors to access a global market of Originators issuing investment grade digital assets and securities.

Digital Assets Wealth Network

Skyhook’s Digital Assets Wealth Network, or Skyhook DAWN, is the first platform to deliver a seamless operating environment to issue and distribute digital securities directly to investors through their existing wealth management distribution channels.

Skyhook DAWN solves the supply chain dilemma for digital securities by providing a technology infrastructure that integrates all essential components under a common framework.

Key Features

  • A robust, scalable and configurable application architecture on a secure cloud environment that unifies and manages essential application services for business automation with 24×7 global support
  • Business services tailored to needs of individual investor profiles to evaluate, transact and administer digital securities in a portfolio secured within a regulated digital custody vault
  • Integrates multiple origination platforms giving access to issuances over multiple blockchains through a single “global product shelf” with intelligent search capabilities to find the best products and originators for distribution
  • Incorporates a digital marketing service to promote brand and products targeting specific investor segments by region to grow the direct investor base and indirect distribution partnerships through wealth service providers
  • Instant settlement through direct debit bank transfer or digital currency options to give the most convenient platform for investors to transact and for originators to eliminate settlement risk

Clients & Solutions

Whether you are an established private bank or independent wealth advisory firm needing to expand your product offering, a specialist Investor Portal distributing the latest innovations in digital securities or an originator needing to promote and distribute your digital securities to a global network of investors, we have a solution.

Skyhook DAWN offers three business solutions that separately deliver essential services to key actors in the supply chain. Collectively it forms an industry-wide global network where an unlimited variety of high-quality digital assets and securities can be accessed, evaluated and transacted.

Digital Assets


We offer Originators a solution to promote investment products to a global network of distributors with the tools to identify products and facilitate on-boarding.


DAWN GPS™ (Global Product Shelf), is a digital mega mart for Originators to promote their Investment Products. Key features include:

  • An easy to navigate central online connection point to promote investment products to a global network of distributors, brokers and exchanges
  • Direct integration to DAWN Direct to permission products on the inhouse product shelf for promotion on the global product shelf
  • Marketing, communication and KYB services to assist asset managers and wealth service providers in the identification and on-boarding of originators to curate their inhouse product shelf
  • Automated tagging of Investment Products using machine reading technology for intelligent search capabilities, incorporating unique profile analysis to recommend options driven by portfolio needs and investor preferences
  • An open API to facilitate unlimited connections to wealth and portfolio management platforms and access a global market of investors through a single digital channel
Digital Assets

Wealth Online Portals

We provide a complete white label portal framework for asset managers and digital securities distribution firms to offer full, online wealth services to their Investors.

DAWN Direct

DAWN Direct delivers a cloud-based platform and infrastructure to manage investor services and product lifecycles, providing a highly scalable distribution channel to originators and asset managers. Key features include:

  • Complete white label wealth portal for asset managers to deliver digital asset investment services to Investors
  • Incorporates DAWN GPS™ to support the management of inhouse product shelves and provide the gateway to extend into third-party distribution channels.
  • Tokenization services to originate digital securities for Funds, Equities and Bonds compliant in major jurisdictions including MAS (Singapore) and SEC (US), administered over the Ethereum or R3/Corda blockchain/ DLT networks
  • Open API to incorporate 3rd party value added components including portfolio management, middle and back office services
Digital Assets

Wealth Service Providers

We offer established wealth advisory firms seamless integration of their existing wealth platforms with our global network of digital securities and lifecycle service to transact, settle and administer.

DAWN Connect

DAWN Connect extends the legacy wealth platforms to support the seamless integration of digital securities lifecycle management in the Wealth Service Providers existing operations. Key features include:

  • Full product lifecycle management for digital securities with access to DAWN GPS™ for curation of the inhouse product shelf
  • Advanced digital advisory services for high net worth account management
  • An open API for bespoke integration to leading Wealth Platforms and “out of the box” connectors to wealth platforms that have onboarded to the DAWN Partnership Program

DAWN Alliance Partner Program

DAWN Alliance is a partner program that offers connectivity to platform providers in the digital securities and wealth space.
The DAWN Alliance program facilitates the integration onto the Skyhook DAWN infrastructure through a universal API.

Digital Assets

Wealth Partners

Grow AUA for your platform by unlocking access to digital products for your wealth clients.

  • Simple API integration
  • Single connection standard to access DAWN GPS, a global network of digital products, and facilitate on-boarding
  • Connectivity to supporting network of (regulated) asset service providers (custodians, etc.)

Digital Assets

Origination and Custody Platforms

Support your distribution and services, and connect to a global network of institutional investors and wealth service providers.

  • Simple API integration
  • Supporting multiple blockchain protocols
  • Listing on DAWN GPS to promote products and issuers
  • Connectivity to leading global wealth distribution channels
  • Connectivity to (or become part of) supporting network of (regulated) asset service providers (custodians, etc.)

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